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    label: Author:
    type: text
    width: 45
    label: Description:
    width: 45
    height: 30
    type: file
    label: File Download:
    category: archivefile
    type: file
    label: Screenshot:
    category: archivefile
    label: Calculator:
      0: 83/84+
      1: 84+
      2: 84+SE
      3: 84+CSE/CE
      4: 84+CE
      5: 89/89T
      6: 92/92+
      7: V200
      8: Nspire CX/CAS
      9: Nspire CX CAS
      10: PC
    default: 0
    label: Program Type
      0: Arcade
      1: RPG
      2: Simulation
      3: Utility
      4: Math
      5: Platformer
      6: Multiplayer


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