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Have a file that you want in the archives? Or maybe you want to browse through our collection of programs? This is the place for you! If you're submitting, make sure your program follows the rules and your submission will be processed.
Things to keep in mind if you want your submission to be accepted:

  1. Your file upload must be a compressed folder, including the necessary files (README, which is a basic summary, and the actual program. GIFs in the folder are optional).
  2. To quicken the program processing, a screenshot (preferably a GIF) is required.
  3. Any file that is not in compliance with the rules will not be accepted.
  4. Other than that, happy uploading!

Recent Additions:

Program Name Calculator Author Description Program Type
inFINITE 83/84+ BattlesquidBattlesquid inFINITE pits you against seemingly endless waves of bosses and enemies. Battle it out as one of five classes for as long as you can. With over 3000 levels of gameplay, an achievement system, and well hidden easter eggs, you won't want to miss downloading this for your 83+. See the README for more info. Arcade
Mini Bomberman 83/84+ BattlesquidBattlesquid A shrunken down version of the classic Bomberman game. Utilize your endless stream of bombs to make it to the exit without killing yourself. Works on the 83+ and 84+, recommended for the 84+SE. Arcade
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