Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What's 68k Basic?
A: 68k Basic is a programming language designed and made for the TI-89, TI-92, and the Voyage 200 calculators.

Q: Is 68k Basic hard?
A: No! 68k Basic is an easy programming language to learn. Nothing is hard when you learn it, so give 68k Basic a try.

Q: What's the difference between TI-Basic and 68k Basic?
A: TI-Basic is a programming language made for the Ti-83/84 calculators, while the 68k basic is made for the TI-89(T)/92/92+ and the V200 calculators.

Q: Can I make games on my calculator?
A: Yes, you can make games with a variety of different genres such as; Math, Arcade, Action, RPG, etc.

Q: Where can I download games for my calculator?
A: You can download games for your calculator on the archives page.

Q: Can I do advanced math on my calculator?
A: Yes, you can do Algebra, Linear-algebra, Graphing, Calculus, Trigonometry, etc.

Q: Is there more than one use for the TI calculator?
A: Yes, you can use the TI calculator to do math, science, engineering, finance, programming, gaming, etc.


Q: How do I enter the program editor?
A: First, you press #7 to go to the program editor, then enter "New" and you're ready to go.

Q: How do I delete programs from my calculator?
A: First, press 2nd + [MEM] 2 [Delete]. Next press the number of the program that you wish to delete.

Q: What should my first program be?
A: You should start by making a Hello World program. It's simple and fun!


Q: How can I access the graphing editor?
A: To access the y=editor, you first need to press the "Green Diamond" button, then "F1" and your ready to graph.

Q: I entered a function on the graphing editor, so why don't I see the graph?
A: In order to see the graph, you must add a function then press "Enter" and your graph will show.


Q: I put new batteries in my new calculator. Why doesn't it work?
A: You need to make sure you put the batteries in the right place, as that should fix your problem.

Q: Will I lose all my programs when I change the batteries?
A: No, if you change the battery the memory will not reset.

Q: How long will my batteries last?
A: It depends on your usage. With a normal usage your batteries will last about 1 year.

Q: How do I make the display screen darker or lighter?
A: First, you need to press green diamond, then press the "+" button to make it darker or the "-" button to make it lighter.

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